Don't You Love To Sail?

As the weather gets better yachting enthusiasts are pretty excited prepping their vessels for another season of sailing adventure. The marinas are getting more crowded from the early dawn with yachtsmen tinkering in and out their prized possessions. Yachting has become more mainstream and addicting to some. So, what is it about yachting that more and more people are getting drawn to it?

There are various reasons why people enjoy yachting, or sailing, so much. First, it is a great way to escape from the busy life in the city. More people find sailing a great form of recreation where they can get the chance to toss off the daily grind and just sail away. It gives a pleasing sense of freedom and independence, the experience of being at one with nature and the sea. Yachting allows you to get closer to nature’s wonders. Watch as the sun sets and see breathtaking views while travelling on the relaxing waters.

Another thing, yachting is never the same twice - each time on the water is a unique adventure that can enrich friendships, strengthen family ties (How many other outdoor activities can be shared with three or even four family generations?), and refresh one's own sense of well-being.

Though technology advancement makes travelling to other countries much quicker and safer, still, for some avid travelers, they find yachting as the perfect way to go to new places, interact with the local people and know their cultures.

Many people say that sailing is a passion and a great leisure sport.  For some yachtsmen, it has become their life-long addiction while others enjoy yachting simply because it is fun!

When Planning a Yachting Trip

If you are planning a yachting trip, it’s important to learn the safety precautions every sailor must know. Safety is the main concern when choosing to run your own yacht instead of contracting a captain and crew. Never get on a boat until you’ve taken a boating course and learned the basics as this may save your life or someone you love. The yacht’ operator is the one accountable with the important duty of making sure each passenger has a life jacket. This is likened to the driver of the car having a moral and legal responsibility to ensure all passengers have a seat belt. Do not takeoff a yacht if anyone on board is missing a life jacket.

Operating the vessel means being ready for everything. A first aid kit with up-to-date items is needed even for short trips. It is the responsibilities of the designated operator to keep his passengers safe.. Prepare and pack adequate water and food on board to sustain everyone during the entire time the yacht will be out. If the yachting trip will be for a day, multiply 64 ounces of water by the number of people on board. This is the least amount of water to have on board the vessel. Likewise determine the amount of food necessary to feed each person during the journey. Furthermore, sunscreen should be packed on the yacht and available to all the guests.  

Always keep a fire extinguisher on board along with smoke detectors. Make sure you have some basic medicines on board such as headache pills, motion sickness pills, and allergy meds as these medicines will help you enjoy the yachting adventure.

Before launching the yacht, do a safety check. This will avoid many problems from rising after leaving the dock. Have the yacht inspected to make sure the maintenance is current and no further work is needed the week before the trip.

Wearing your life vest is not enough to be safe. There are other simple yet important safety precautions you should consider such as fully understanding your yacht and its capabilities, understanding boating laws & regulations, being aware of your surroundings and the weather, carrying a flair & marine radio, First Aid training and learning how to swim. Make sure you have a checklist of the things you need as there are things that you may still tend to forget no matter how experienced you are with yachting.

Yachting is totally a lot more fun than was previously thought. It’s full of adventure—going places, meeting new people and making new friends all the while savoring the many wonders of Nature.

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